Voando sobre São Martinho

On Friday night, I was supposed to go up to Chapitó with Sílvia, Alexandre, Claudia, Miguel and many others to celebrate Sílvia's new job (at Chapitó) at an 80s theme night. The arrangement was to meet up at 11pm, then take it from there. My mind was willing, but my body gave out on me. I was tired after a whole day of pointless meetings, then when I got back to the flat decided that I wanted to get some pictures of the Águas Livres acqueduct before it got too dark. My next port of call was to Alcântara's very own unofficial Benfica supporters club restaurant, where the staff, who are all Benfiquistas, are aware that my support of Celtic means that I have a perhaps irrational preference for Sporting (só por causa das suas camisas, pois). So some gently ribbing took place as they reminded me of the result of Wednesday's Lisbon derby (3-3 after extra time, Benfica winning 10-9 on penalties in what was, surprisingly for Portuguese club competition, an excellent game of football). Following my meal I went back to the flat and thought that I could lie down for an hour or so before heading over to Chapitó. I was vaguely aware of my mobile ringing at around 11.30... at 1.30am I got up and switched it off. I had a 9am flight, and I'm no longer able to stay up all night and go straight to the airport from the pub. I'm too old for that nowadays! So, Sílvia, Alexandre, Claudia and Miguel... I'm sorry I missed you all, but you know I'll be back in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, Sílvia, parabéns no teu novo trabalho, e desejo-te toda a sorte no mundo. The photograph is for Pedro Libório. I didn't have time to get up to São Martinho to visit him this time, but I did manage to pass overhead!


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