Still trying to catch up! I might even manage it one of these days. After a miserably painful day today (Saturday), I am feeling slightly better tomorrow (Sunday), although I do still have a dull aching sensation down the front of my left shin, numb toes and a sharp pain just below and to the left of my coxix (I think that's what it's called). Enough about me, though. I suspect that you are all here today to meet Alfie the Ape. This was another of Liam's young childhood favourites, mainly because he has very, very long arms, and can hang from the door and play the guitar. Liam used to like putting Alfie's arms around his neck and cuddle him. Now he is more often to be found under the bed, or being peddalled on by Mizzie. I must admit that Alfie is probably my favourite, and that I am always glad when Liam stops us from putting him in the black bag. Hamish will be tomorrow's guest.


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