Ooops! A day behind again. This photo is for yesterday. It breaks all the PaD 'rules', since I didn't take it yesterday; however, I did think about it, so that's okay... isn't it? No matter. It's here, and I'm counting it for yesterday, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. So there. Flame me if you want, but remember that I have a very, very sore leg and that I am practically immobile (says he shamelessly playing up his current severe pain :D). Take pity on me and say hello to Bobby the Bear. I bought Bobby for Liam's first Christmas (away back in 1992), and he quickly became his favourite cuddly toy. They were inseparable, and Liam wouldn't sleep if Bobby wasn't there with him. Now, of course, Bobby has been forgotten, and relegated to the bottom of the wardrobe, underneath the old bags, shoes and toys. He has not been abandoned, though, because when we have our annual pre-Christmas clearouts, Bobby (along with some other cuddly toys) always seems to get a reprieve from the black bag. I intend to introduce you to some of Liam's other 'friends' (as he used to call them). Tomorrow is Alfie's turn.


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