Come on... you're winning!

Point of clarification: by the look on Martin O'Neil's and John Robertson's faces you would think that Celtic were being beaten instead of leading 5-0! During the half-time break in the Scotland v. Italy 6 Nations game yesterday, John Inverdale mentioned that we were watching the game for the Wooden Spoon (which goes to the bottom placed team). His co-presenter in Paris, former English centre Jeremy Guscott, gave him a doubtful look, which Inverdale chose to ignore. Now, if there is one thing that really gets on my nerves, it is the arrogance of English media personalities, who either forget, or who simply don't care, that they are broadcasting to people who do not support the English teams, and who choose to gloss over the fact that their own team isn't exactly setting the heather on fire. Today at Lansdowne Road, Ireland (my favourites to win the 6 Nations this year), beat England by 19 points to 13. If Mr Inverdale would care to take a look at the table, he will notice the fact (uncomfortable for him, no doubt) that the World Champions (how often do we have to be reminded) have not managed to win a single game yet, and, along with Italy, are propping up the table with nil points. Perhaps the England v. Italy game will be the Wooden Spoon decider! I know that Scotland aren't very good, but then again... we have 2 points! (Let me enjoy it while it lasts!) I happen to believe that England will win their remaining two games (yes, I think they will beat Scotland), and that they will end up with two more points than us (because I don't think we'll beat Wales) - I just wish their commentators would stop being so smug - especially when they have nothing much to feel smug about. Yesterday I said that my perfect sports day would be victories for Celtic, Ireland and Liverpool: well, the first two came true, and the third came so close. Two out of three ain't bad. And while I'm on: I have nothing against Chelsea - I just can't stand their manager. He was a prat at Porto, and he hasn't changed since - as events at Barcelona midweek and Cardiff today have proved.


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