A shameful day for football in Britain, with cointhrowing and riots during and after the ManU v. Everton, Bradford v. Blackburn and, worst of all, as far as I'm concerned at least, at the Celtic v. Rangers game. There can never be any place for thugs at football, and the clubs and police must do all they can to find and punish the culprits. Of course, I have been more concerned with the events at Celtic Park. While I am relieved that there were no riots at or outside the ground, I was shocked to see coins and cigarette lighters being thrown at a Rangers player. Many Celtic fans are attempting to defend the hooligan behaviour by arguing that Rickson's actions (he applauded the Rangers fans whilst standing in front of the Celtic supporters) were inflammatory: the response was unacceptable and indefensible. Rickson can be an idiot at times, we all know that - we can all be idiots at times. He knew what he was doing, and perhaps he shouldn't have done it, but that is no excuse for physically assaulting him by throwing a cigarette lighter at him. The so-called Celtic supporters who threw the objects have done nothing but brought shame on the club they purport to support, and have blighted the good name of a set of fans who, only two years ago, won both the UEFA and FIFA awards for best behaved supporters. Someone knows the responsible parties: for the sake of Celtic Football Club and its supporters they should give their names to the police. There can never be any place in sport for thuggery and hooliganism: it is only a game, after all. Anyway, rant over, I would like to introduce you to Dino the dog. Dino is a huge (and I mean huge) soft, extremely floppy and gentle soul. When Liam was smaller he used to lie on top of Dino while he was watching the cartoons on telly. Later, Dino became Liam's wrestling partner. Our previous cat, Muzzy (we are nothing if not original when naming animals), used to sleep on top of him. Now Dino spends his time as Liam's PlayStation footstool. Later you will meet the last of Liam's reprieved friends, when I introduce you to the diminutive João (pron. Zho-a-ow).


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