I'm getting there.... honest. Just give me a chance, and I will put up a photo for the day it was actually taken, and not the day before. Once again, I must apologise for putting up today's picture tomorrow, but I have been very, very busy crying into my coffee. Because I live in Scotland, I was unable to purchase the Old Firm derby on the pay-per-view channel. (Had I lived in England or Wales, I would have had no problem.) As I attempted, all I got was a message saying that "This broadcast is not available". Apparently, people in Scotland and Ireland have to subscribe to the SPL channel, which costs £13 per month, instead of being able to watch on a game-by-game basis. So, the upshot of the story is that I had to shuffle (quite literally) down to a smoke-filled pub to watch it there. The other clients, most of whom were there to watch the match too, were a mixed bag with Celtic and Rangers supporters sitting and standing next to each other enjoying the banter and the game. A Rangers fan, who knew I support Celtic, even gave me his seat when he saw me with the walking stick. Good natured bantering aside, I am upset because Celtic spurned umpteen chances to score (the Rangers 'keeper had an excellent game, it has to be said), and ended up losing 0-2. With this defeat, our chances of holding on to the League title are all but gone, because the last Old Firm game of the season is at Ibrox (home to Rangers), they have a much better goal difference, and they are currently three points in front of us (although we do have a game in hand). So... it seems quite appropriate to introduce you to Hamish. Hamish, as you can see, is a teddy bear. If you are a follower of Scottish football, you will appreciate the connection. Hamish was a Christening gift to Liam from his Gran, Cathie. He has always been one of Liam's favourites, although I can't say that he is one of mine... he is just too.... smug-looking, straight laced and hard-stuffed for my liking. Tomorrow it is time to meet Dino.


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