High, isn't it!

Okay, that's me up to date. I hate the thought of missing a day, and I hate it when it actually happens. So, please bear with me as I try to keep things in the right order. Gavin phoned this morning to see how I was getting on and to let me know that the D70 has just come down in price at Jessops. As soon as my overdue paycheck has paid off the credit card bill, I will be the proud owner of the beast. Anyway, the pain has somehow managed to find its way down into my leg now. Sitting is not a pleasant experience (nor is standing or lying down, come to think of it). I got a second medical opinion, which just confirmed the first (surprise, surprise - as if one doctor is going to contradict another doctor in the same surgery). Short of going to casualty, there is little else that can be done - although I think that I will take a chance on the chiropractor. So, still on the medication, and still running into these little critters crawling over my office stapler. When told what it's function was, they just laughed and insisted that it would never catch on.


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