At last! I've caught up and am now completely, totally and definitively up to date with my photos. You'll be glad to know after yesterday's rant that I am not going to be saying much today. I will, however, introduce you all to João the Cão. So named because he was purchased in Portugal and, when Liam was much younger, I was instructed to take him to Portugal with me every time I had to travel there. He is a bit the worse for wear is this little globetrotting toy, for as well as having to share bag space with clothes and shoes, he has seen his fair share of the inside of washing machines. João is a diminutive fellow, and can quite easily fit inside a coat pocket. He was one of Liam's favourites because he accompanied me on my trips, so Liam could be with me by proxy. As for his name... well, we decided on João because it rhymes with cão. Cão is the Portuguese word for dog, which is what João is (or at least he is a representation of one). So that's it. You've now met all of Liam's old friends. Now I'll really have to think hard about what to photograph tomorrow!


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