Lost in the supermarket

Just thought that I'd throw in a bit of colour for a bit of a change. Practicing with a variation on the pseudo-lomo tecnique that I had some fun with way back in August, only this time I've altered the colours rather than just make them more vibrant, and I resisted the temptation to add any motion blur. I kind of like it, and, let's be honest, it is a break from all that black and white I have been doing. A word of warning, though, the black and white kick is still not out of my system, and I will be returning to it - perhaps even as early as tomorrow - who knows? I'll see how I feel. Another day of false dawn on the trapped nerve front. This morning I was feeling okay, and I even managed to put the wheelie bin out (although I did slip and get covered in snow) and make breakfast for everyone. The respite was short lived, however, and I was soon back to my old self: doubled up and shuffling. It was so bad today that an 80 year old woman sprinted past me on my way to the supermarket. Try as I might, I just couldn't keep up with her sprightly pace, and she was soon a speck in the distance. I got some pictures printed out today at a commercial printer. Why do they say they print 7x5" and 10x8" when it is quite clear that they don't. I set up a number of images to the required sizes and at the optimum resolution in Photoshop. The prints I got back were all cropped smaller than the advertised sizes (and the sizes I had created the images at). The girl on the counter told me that the machines always crop smaller, although she couldn't tell me why. Now I need to remember to make an allowance for the machine... rather than just accepting that the machine will do exactly what it is asked to do. I mean, I did all the hard work for it - all it needed to do was print the bleedin' pictures. Still, apart from the poor cropping, which was only critical in a couple of pictures, the prints were of an excellent quality. I just wish they did matte as well: then I would use them all the time.


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