The snow that fell overnight and all through the day, took all of the highway authorities by complete surprise, despite it being forecast since Sunday. The local radio was telling us of school closures across the length and breadth of the east of the country. Liam listened attentively, hoping that his was one of them. Alas, it wasn't, but I took one look out of the window and saw the blizzard dropping more snow on the ungritted main road as vans and cars slid into the kerb and told Liam that he was staying at home. He pretended he was disappointed, but he didn't take much persuading. Mizzie ran out the back door and down the steps, straight into two inches of snow, before stopping to sniff the ground, shake the cold stuff off of her paws and running straight back up the stairs to hold vigil on the top of the tumble dryer. Gavin phoned me to see if I was up to going out taking photos of the snow with him. I wish I was, but I'm not. So, instead, I arranged to meet him for a coffee in the Tesco cafe where we had a nice natter over this and that. By the time I had struggled back to the bus stop, the snow was falling heavier than ever. Got back to the house just in time to sit down with Liam and watch a DVD as my poor leg recovered from the strain. A good day, though, as I did manage to get out and actually meet another human being, and what better way to finish the cuddly animal series than with a real live cuddly animal!

Mizzie frolicking in the snow


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