Oranges are not the only fruit...

...but we'd run out of bananas (which isn't a fruit anyway, but never mind). The back is still stiff and sore, so I'm not going to bore you any more with it, except to say thank you for all of your concern, and that I am very open to a holiday in Southern California! I won't take a lot of arm-twisting!! Anyway, to show the new fighting and positive spirit, I have posted a bright picture that is full of Andalucian sunshine and vitamin C. It was delicious and juicy, and I enjoyed every bit of it. As I am effectively housebound for now, as well as being practically immobile, my options for daily photography are severely limited for the time-being. Perhaps this is the challenge that I need. Well everyone, thanks again for your concern. I know that there are many, many people worse off than I am, so I am not complaining... just being a little grumpy! (Well, I am Scottish, and we're supposed to be grumpy!). See you tomorrow :D

PS. Just got a nice phone call from Gavin wishing me well. Thanks Gav.


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