Sometimes it's shite being Scottish....

I've fallen a day behind again. The stresses and strains of being practically unable to do anything, whilst having to go to the bank to get the finances sorted out for our new driveway and porch. I managed to walk down the stairs and round the corner, then Linda had to get the car. She remembered that her mum had a walking stick, so I am now borrowing it. Even with the stick, walking is excruciatingly painful. Nevertheless, I managed to limp my way to the bank while Linda parked the car. A couple of old age pensioners barged past me as I slowly manoeuvred my way into the bank. I did notice that rather than make allowances for you when you are obviously having trouble walking, people tend to get very impatient. I had to shout at one elderly woman, who really should have known better, to let her know that I was in extreme discomfort, that every step was painful and that that was the reason I was walking so slowly and with a stick. Not everyone was as rude and unsympathetic, however; a young couple with a baby in a pushchair went out of their way to help me through the crowd in the bank and into a seat. Apart from that there were no other problems, except the atrocious refereeing at the France v. Scotland 6-Nations game. All you French supporters out there know fine well that you only won that game because of the officials... a perfectly good try disallowed and a player sent-off for deliberate offside when he was making no effort to play the ball and every effort to get out the way!!!! It's hard enough for Scotland to beat the other 6 Nations sides without having to put up with incompetent officials as well.


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