Taking the fans for granted

I seem to have been overrun by Blutakbeasts. Whilst they may be pretty gruesome to look at, they are actually harmless; harmless, that is, unless you have a spare wall and things lying around to be stuck on it. If so, then these little creatures will become the very bane of your existence, and heaven forbid that one should fail to adhere properly, for then the chances are that it will fall to the floor and be trodden into the carpet. Nothing, short of an industrial carpet cleaner, will remove its crushed remains from the shag pile. Then, of course, there are the greasy marks that they leave on painted walls... Come to think of it, they are frightening little beggars after all (although perhaps not as horrific as their arch-enemy, the Drawing Pinwolf). I think I have the critters under control, and even if I hadn't I wasn't going to miss the Dunfermline v. Celtic game on the telly. Now, as you all know, I have somehow done my back in, and I have been given so many different pills that if I jump I rattle. I have been prescribed valium and paracetamol for the pain, and diclofenac and codeine for the inflammation. A side affect of all this medication is drowsiness (I must not drive or operate machinery, so I am warned). No need for the drugs this afternoon... watching today's game would put anyone to sleep it was so dire. Of course, the game as a spectacle wasn't helped by the fact that Celtic were 2-0 up within the first 10 minutes: from then on it was little more than a training match for them. As you know, I am a Celtic supporter, and there is nothing I like better (sportswise) than to see Celtic winning... I just wish the players would remember that they receive extremely handsome wages (most of the players in the Celtic first team earn more in one week than most people earn in a year) to provide entertainment to the paying customer. All too often I think they forget that. They certainly did today. I really feel sorry for the fans who travelled all the way to Dunfermline and paid to see that poor excuse for a game, because I honestly think that once the second goal had gone in, the players just couldn't be bothered, and that is an insult to the paying supporter who, in the final analysis, pays their huge wages. I really felt like shaking my walking stick at them :D


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