Tourist board X-files

I don't want to speak too soon, but I think that either: a) my leg is starting to get better; or b) the drugs are starting to take effect. I hope it is the former, but I suspect that it is the latter. Never mind! What's a sore leg to someone who is being bombarded with tributes! As if the dedications from Bruce, Antonio and Gilles were not already more than I could reasonably have expected (and much more than I deserve), along comes Autumn Sky, aka LC, with an outstanding photographic dedication to me. Above and beyond the call of duty he went, by actually lying down on a railway track to get the desired image. A superb photograph achieved at risk of life and limb - these trains travel very fast, and you don't hear them until they are on top of you (as I found out to my terror as I rather stupidly tried to run across the West Coast Main Line several years ago). A great big thank you to you LC: the photograph is excellent, and the thought behind it was extremely touching. In fact, I must say a great big thanks to all of you: because I am too 'medicated' to concentrate on work, I have found that photography - both yours and mine - is what has been keeping me sane these past few weeks. Your comments, concern and, yes, your tributes, have all helped me through this trying time. I just want you all to know that it is much appreciated. As a reward, I am going to let you into a huge secret. This is something that the Scottish Executive and the Scottish Tourist Board have been trying to keep under wraps for several years, because they believe the enigma is what keeps the well-heeled tourists coming. Nessie (the Loch Ness monster) exists - and she's made out of blutak. Mum's the word. You didn't hear it from me: I'll deny it.


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