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The postman brought some joy this morning... and another book for the collection. I don't know what to do with the book. I've long since run out of shelves, and the ones that I have are already straining under the weight. They were cheapo bookcases out of B&Q, and were only ever intended as a temporary solution until I could get a joiner up to build me more substantial book storage in my study. Like most of my good ideas, however, the wooden built-in bookcases remained in my head, while the formica covered chipboard remained in place. As for the joy. Well, I received my first royalty cheque for my book, The Last Empire: 30 Years of Portuguese Decolonization (available from Amazon and all good bookstores, as well as a few rubbish ones too, for the ridiculously low price of 20 British pounds). It was unexpected, because I thought that the only people that had this book were people that I sent freebie copies to! The money, all £70 of it, will be going towards my new camera. Watch out JK Rowling... the Boy from Bute is hot on your heels!!! While £70 for a year's royalties might not be a lot, it is £70 more than I expected, so I'm quite happy. Now all of you need to do your bit, and buy the book! I feel a challenge coming on! Let's see if you can make next year's royalty cheque bigger than £70... and to prove you have a copy of the book, take a photo of yourself with it! (It's worth a try!!!!). The other joyous event today was Scotland finally winning a rugby international: although I have to wonder what is it with the touch-judges who seem hell bent on denying Scotland tries. We had a perfectly good try disallowed in the France game three weeks ago - and it cost us the match. Today we had another one chopped off for a forward pass - as if the touch judge, who was well behind play, had a good view. My understanding of the rules is that the ball is allowed to be passed forward when this is caused by player momentum, and, of course, there is no foul when the ball is passed in a line. Still. Not as crucial this week. Now... if only Ireland can beat England, Liverpool can beat Chelsea and Celtic beat Clyde, then I will have had a perfect sporting weekend!


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