And so the learning begins!

This is Linda trying to study (something I should be doing a lot more of). I am playing with my new toy (ahem! I mean to say, tax deductable business expense), and am enjoying every second of it. There are an awful lot of buttons on the camera, and I don't know what 99% of them do - although I did manage to set the machine to shoot in RAW, and now I am trying to find out how to switch off the in-camera sharpening (I know, this information is all in the book - but it is much better fun playing about with it - flying blind, as it were!). I have managed to suss out how to change the aperture and shutter speed while shooting in manual (my prefered mode), and have discovered that shooting in Av and Sv is much, much easier. My first few shots were in auto, and they seem to be quite dark - I don't know if that is me, or if it is the camera. Next thing will be to remember to adjust the ISO settings according to light conditions (something I tended to forget about with the Fuji). I am really looking forward to getting to know this camera! The Fuji - my trusty companion for the past 9 months - is not going into retirement: its macro function is second to none, and, if you know me at all, you will know that I like taking macro shots. So, until I can afford a macro lens for the D70 (and that won't be for some time), the Fuji will remain in service. Besides, it's a damn fine camera in its own right. (PS: I don't know what happened to the EXIF data, since I saved this image in the same way as I save the images from my Fuji. It's all part of the learning curve, I suppose!)


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