Fuzzie Mizzie

Oh the excitement. This morning I received one of the lenses that I bought on Ebay at the weekend, and I have been desperate to give it an outing. Unfortunately, however, the elements conspired against me, what with Dundee being dull, overcast and misty all day. Not to worry, though, the new lens is a macro zoom, so I can take my favourite type of shots without having to actually get up close and personal - at 200mm, that translates to 300mm on the D70 - so I should be able to shoot macros from the comfort of the sofa! As you see, I took some shots of Mizzie - she was in the living room and I was at the Post Office - she wouldn't sit still. She is a cat, afterall, and she has to preen herself for the camera - I just thought that I'd catch her off guard before she assumed cat pose position. Technically quite a poor picture, I know. I should have used a tripod and Mizzie should have posed nicely, but, all these slight niggles aside, I find that I really, really like this picture - she looks like a duster! My good friend Gavin came round to see me, and we sat in the house blethering and looking at various people's photos (oh, Jude... you really shouldn't be swinging heavy cameras about - especially if they are not yours to break! You'll have a big lump there!) and generally blethering about this and that. I think that I may have worn him down about the little Tokina f/2.8 28mm lens that I like so much - he has agreed to let me keep it if I win the Ebay auction for the Tokina 28-55mm lens (I already got one - but I was bidding on another at the same time, and it looks as if I'm going to get it as well). We'll see, we'll see. Oh! Many of you asked the other day if the old phone that Mizzie was sitting beside was a working model. Well, yes it is - it works perfectly, and has a very loud bell. We rarely use it though, because we have one of those wireless ones that work up to 100m from the base station - and the old bakelite handset on the 300-type is very, very heavy. Perhaps tomorrow I will demonstrate one of the 300-type's technological innovations: it could store numbers!


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