Hanging on the telephone

I had a thrilling time today. Somewhat stung by all the criticisms of the microscopic particles of dust that the halogen lamp and Fulji's supermacro caught on the black lens that Gavin loaned me the other week, I decided to take matters into my own hand and give my workstation a really good clean - and with disinfectant as well!. I started off with all of my camera equipment, which I cleaned thoroughly with soapy water, taking care to clean the D70s CCD with an old toothbrush and some Mr Muscle (okay, I made that bit up). I cleaned as much of the dust off of the cameras and lenses as I could with a size free nylon brush. Once that was done, I set about the monitor, webcam, microphone, router and cable modem. They were all thoroughly cleaned with Dettol. I moved onto the desk, which I also cleaned with Dettol (no chance of catching MRSA at my workstation). I took the ball out of my mouse, gave it a wipe clean then got all the bits of yuck that seems to get stuck to the rollers inside the mouse. I threw the old mousemat out, and invested in a fancy new one that also has a calculator on it, which keeps getting in the way of the mouse. I removed every single button from my keyboard and cleaned them in antiseptic disinfectant, then wiped the pads with cotton-buds soaked in Dettol. Once that was done, I vacuumed the keyboard before replacing all the keys. Finally, I vacuumed the inside of my processor case. Now not only is my workstation clean, but it also smells like a hospital. Next weekend I will make a start on my desk. With all this cleaning going on , I managed to miss the CIS cup final, so I don't know - much less care - who won (although I suspect that it was Rangers). I went out to pick Liam up from his friends, and when I came back home I found Mizzie waiting for a phone call. The quality of this picture, which was taken with the kit lens, perhaps explains why I am so keen to keep the Tokina f2.8 28mm, which I will have to return to its rightful owner later this week. Never mind... I've finally managed to figure out how to win Ebay auctions, so I'll be keeping my eyes open for one coming up.


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