High tech... 1950s style

Would you look at the number of days that I have been doing this! 346 - would you believe it! I must have miscounted, because it just doesn't seem that long. Still, when I look at pictures I took of Liam when I started on Pbase, and compare them with ones I have taken recently, I am amazed at the changes that I notice in him (for one thing - his top lip is now covered in bumfluff). He has changed from a boy into a teenager, and while I have noticed the change in his interests and behaviour (yes, he is less interested in going to the 'Den' to dig holes in the ground and pro-wrestling, and much more interested in girls and - believe it or not - politics. Of his own volition, and reading the books that I have in my possession, Liam is becoming a socialist - just like his old dad! Chip off the old block!), the change in appearance has been much more subtle. One thing I have noticed, however, is the increasing amount of grey hairs that are sprouting from my body - mainly in my beard, but also around the temples. I will skip past my steadily expanding waistline, and put that down to my inability to do much in the way of exercise just now (and a liking for chocolate and ice-cream - preferably in the same dish). Linda, on the other hand, has been losing weight - putting me to shame she is. Almost a year under the belt, and during that time I have had (and still have) three cameras - my old and trusty point and shoot M603 (which will soon be going on Ebay, methinks), the superb S7000Z (which I would recommend to anyone who is interested in macro photography, and who can't be bothered humping around huge macro lenses and tripods, or who lack the patience to stick lenses on backwards), and finally, my new friend, the D70, and its colleagues, the Nikkor f/3.5 18-70, Tokina f/3.5 28-200 macro zoom, Tokina f/3.5 28-85 and finally, my borrowed friend, who will soon be making one mile journey back to Gavin's house, my favourite lens of them all, the little Tokina f/2.8 28mm. Time and technology halt for no man. Talking of which, a couple of days ago I told you that my old and fully functioning 300-type bakelite phone was ahead of its time: it had a telephone number storage device. Here's the proof - a drawer on the bottom, with a plastic folder into which a piece of card on which the numbers were written could be stored. Much easier to use than those modern gizmos - well at least for Luddites like me!