Hitting the ground running

I've been trying out some demo software for the past couple of days. One that I have been having a play about with is Image Doctor, which I have found to be an excellent tool - although I'm not so sure that it is worth the £90 that they are asking for it. Anyway, I have been using the demo to clean up as many of my old JPEGs as possible before the 30 day trial period is over (you may have noticed that there has been an improvement in the quality of many of the images I have posted here). I still have seven days, and I have reached the middle of September. Since I started shooting RAW at the beginning of December, I should be able to get most of my images cleaned up (does that make me a bad person?). Another demo I have been using recently is Capture One LE, an excellent standalone RAW converter that is produced by Phase One. I cannot praise this piece of software highly enough. The quality of the images it produces knocks CS's Camera Raw right out of the field (although, having said that, if Capture One has a tool for cleaning up chromatic abberations, I have yet to come across it - so I wouldn't dismiss Camera Raw completely). I fully intend to give the demo of Capture One's Pro version a go, if it is possible to do so. However, I think that I will be buying the LE version (which costs $99 as opposed to $499 for the Pro version). If you want to make some comparisons between the two RAW converters that I have, then compare my Pad images from today and yesterday with earlier ones. I know that the differences will be very difficult to notice on the low res JPEGS, but take my word for it, there is a difference (or maybe it is all just in my head). Alternatively, download the fully funcional 15-day demo for yourself (www.phaseone.com). Talking about comparisons between really good and just good, Celtic have managed to put themselves back in pole position in the league again. If we beat Dundee United at the weekend (if!!!!! if!!!!! - they are the bottom placed team, and they have just sacked their manager!!!!), then we move back to our rightful position at the top of the league, two points ahead of Rangers. Now we just need to make sure that we keep winning and that we keep scoring lots and lots of goals, and hope that we don't lose at Ibrox, then Celtic will be crowned Scottish Champions yet again! Oh... we won tonight!


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