The narrowness!

Back to the grind, I am. Or at least I will be after lunch. I will do a complete 10-hour shift from 1pm (although I will stop for supper), and get one of the monkeys off my back - all so I can concentrate on the other dozen or so! I am having fun with my new piece of essential business equipment. Learning how to use it and comparing it with my Fuji. All of you who possess the S7000Z will know that it has a superb macro and supermacro function. With the supermacro set, you can focus at distances as small as 10mm, and no matter what aperture setting you use at that distance, you will always get superb depth. I know that, with the correct lens (which would cost in excess of £200), the D70 will be able to get macros that blow the Fuji away. However, I don't have that lens, and I wanted to take some pictures of the bouquet of flowers that Liam gave Linda for Mother's Day (which was yesterday in the UK). This meant getting up close and personal. Obviously the kit lens would be no good for extreme close-ups, so instead I used a Tokina 28mm f/2.8 that Gavin loaned me. This lens can focus up to 9 inches from the subject - so not really a fair match for the Fuji's supermacro. While the D70 and Tokina combo couldn't get as close as the Fuji, they certainly won on the image quality stakes. Anyway, enough camera geek talk for now. Here's a picture of some pencils taken from 23cm at f/2.8. Whoarr! Look at the narrow depth of field on that!

(1) D70/Tokina 28mm f/2.8 versus (2) S7000Z


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