Not a shameless plug at all!

Happy Easter, everyone! Do you want to know what I've been up to all day? Tough, because I'm going to tell you anyway - so if you have a low boredom threshold I would advise you to walk away now, and go and look at some real photographs instead of this ever so blatant plug. The main reason that I haven't been as particular as usual in doing my rounds and having a look at your pictures recently is all bound up in my decision a few days ago to withdraw my research centre's website from the internet. In what can only be described as a fit of pique, I deleted the whole lot from the server - six years worth of work! Why did I do this, I don't hear you ask? Well, I have been doing it all myself for a long time now, and, to be quite honest, it was getting a bit too much for me. The site was huge - with over 1500 pages, and receiving in excess of 120,000 hits each month. The Portuguese government gave it awards (I even got to meet two Portuguese presidents and a number of government ministers), and it was included in the Ministry of Education's national curriculum as required reading for secondary school students of history and politics. On top of all this, many university professors in the US, Canada, Europe and elsewhere had put it on their reading lists (can you even imagine the number of emails I get from undergraduate students wanting me to write their term papers for them!). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I just got fed up providing this service for free, and decided to take the whole lot down. Now I am in the middle of rebuilding the site - only this time if people want to get 'value-added' information (i.e. articles and analyses), then they are going to have to pay. I have also taken the opportunity to rationalise the CPHRC 'group' into various 'departments' - each of which offer different services (at a price). As you can see, I have added a photography section through which I will hopefully be able to sell some of my photographs. So, sorry for not commenting as I usually do, and very sorry for not putting up a real photo. I just wanted to give you some explanation (and most certainly not take the opportunity to shamelessly plug my businesses! But if you need my help, my rates are extremely reasonable!!).


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