One of my favourites

To me, this image is an ideal representation - both literal and metaphorical - for one of my favourite films of recent years. Can you guess what it might be? The protagonist's journey starts at the bottom left, where he is happy and is able to think about his life and death. It is at this stage in the film that he can see clearly what he must do and, most importantly, come to terms with it. As the image progresses towards the top right, it becomes ever more blurred, with the bright white gradually being replaced by ever darker shades of grey. Whilst still resigned to (and at peace with) his fate, the main character demonstrates his resolve and his courage time and again. The cynical superior, who is no coward himself, is full of admiration for his charge, and secretly wishes that he could find the same peace of mind. The story races along to its inevitable dark conclusion, where the grey turns to black ("You will all die too"), and the line is blurred so much that it is difficult to see what is right and what is wrong any more. At this point, the main character forces a reluctant enemy to seal the fate that he knew was his all along: "I don't want to kill you. Don't move." I love everything about the film: the story is gripping and touching, the characters - even the cameos - are fully fleshed out and utterly believable. This is one film that deserved all the awards it received - and more. If only Hollywood could make more like it. Now... that didn't sound too pretentious, did it?


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