Ringing in the changes

Would you Adam and Eve it? I've only just gone and won another auction on eBay. At this rate I'll soon become one of the biggest spenders that they have ever seen - or perhaps not. Yet again my purchase was camera lens related. Well, I've had to provide myself with some small consolation now that I have to give Gavin his lens back. I managed to pick up a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 for a pittance (the postage almost cost as much as the lens), and I am hoping that it will sort of make up for losing the 28mm f/2.8. I know that they are not the same - or even remotely similar - lenses, but they are both small. Owning a small lens will be a bit of a new development for me. I wonder how I'll cope? I was going to take today's photo with the borrowed lens - as a kind of farewell - but changed my mind, and decided to use the big macro zoom instead (might as well get some use out of it). There is no particularly great story behind today's image, apart from the fact that I wanted to stand at the other end of the room and take a close up shot of some things sitting on my desk. I think the lens did well given the lighting conditions - I don't like having the ceiling light switched on, and I tend to do all my work under my halogen desk lamp - both my written (paid) work and my indoor photographs. So, given that the subjects were lit only by a single halogen desk lamp, I think I did a not too bad job focusing. Nothing much to report on the domestic front, apart from a lengthy phone call from Lisbon assuring me that I still have a contract at least until 2006 (which is probably the next time they'll get round to paying me no doubt). It's damned hard work speaking Portuguese on the telephone when you're stuffed full of prescribed chemicals - it's damned hard work speaking Portuguese full stop (unless you happen to be Portuguese or Brazilian - then I guess it must be quite easy: easy enough for small children!). Come to think of it. Sometimes it's a struggle speaking English - particularly on the telephone. The only other thing of note that happened today is that my cousin has borrowed my M603 with a view to buying it, and Liam came home looking like he'd lost a tenner and found a penny - but then what's new with that: he's almost a teenager - morose is the the teenage thing, isn't it. As for the photo - I've included the old Kodak film for Ian's sake - adds a bit of colour, and we all know how much you like your splashes of colour, Ian!


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