That scary man's back!

I've made my first sale on eBay. Well, actually, if I am to be completely honest, I made a sale on Liam's behalf - he managed to sell a Harry Potter book that he never read (he was never into it). I have some stuff up too - mostly unwanted gifts that I have received in the past. It would seem, though, that I am not the only person who doesn't want any of them - there is a whole world of people out there who have no interest in purchasing unused and unwanted Rod Stewart, Kylie Minogue or Lisa Stansfield CDs (that's a hint, by the way). I've had a good rummage about the house and the outhouses for things that I could sell. All the time I had it in my head the cliche that one person's rubbish is another person's gold - and a trawl through eBay almost had me convinced of the truth of this. However, all I could find was rubbish that the council would charge me money to take away! I was thinking about selling some of my 1980s 12-inch singles and LPs - you know, the embarassing stuff that you find lurking in the deepest recesses of the hall cupboard. Someone told me that there was a bit of a craze for old Electropop and New Romantic vinyl by club DJs - I'm not so sure about that (although I was somewhat surprised to discover that Depeche Mode had become huge - I have their first LPs and 12" singles!). So anyway, it doesn't look as if I'm about to make my fortune selling on the internet, so I'll just have to resort to the good old fashioned way, by buying lots of lottery tickets. While I'm gone, I'll leave you with this rather awful picture of me on my university ID card. If you save it as a wallpaper, and play classical music, your children will not come within 100 yards of your computer - so my ugly mug at least has some uses!


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