Two great makes in one place

The man from the bank phoned to let us know that they will let us have the money to pay for the access, driveway and new porch to our house. Hopefully all the work will begin within the month, and be completed very quickly soon thereafter. The new arrangements will require a reshuffling of rooms in the house, with the current back door becoming the main entrance. We'll need to think about what we plan to do... just now it's enough that we are finally going to have vehicular access to the house! The trials and tribulations of being me continue unabated today. Somehow yesterday I managed to pull a muscle in my back, and, combined with my sciatica, I am practically immobile. To top it all, the only useful person in the house thinks she is coming down with the 'flu. The tale of woes continues, with my Pbase site being stalked by someone, allegedly from Leeds and who uses the name Tariq Hussain, who has been leaving abusive, threatening and foul-mouthed messages accusing me of being a 'Nazi racist scumbag' (or four-letter words to that effect). I suspect that the person is not what he claims to be, but is rather someone who wants muslims and Asians to appear in a bad light. Whatever their motive, I have been forced to block anonymous and unregistered comments. It is a shame when idiots like Mr 'Hussain' force people to do this, but I suppose we have to accept that there will always be intolerant bigots in the world, who use anonymity and the internet to foist their own particular narrow-minded prejudices on the rest of us - even on photographic websites. Anyway, since I remain unable to get out and about, I have decided to fall back on my trusty Fuji to take a photograph of two imaging products by two rival companies: my Nikon camera and my Canon scanner. I will apologise to Ian straight away for dumping yet another monochrome image on you all, but the colour function in my shutter release button finger seems to be malfunctioning.


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