Cala lillies or triffids in disguise?

Today was a day for football and for watering the plants that I got Linda for her birthday. I woke up at 8.30am, and went downstairs for my weekly helping of Soccer AM whilst eating breakfast. Linda woke at about 10.30 - just in time for the Soccerette catwalk - and surprised both myself and Liam by not telling us she thought the Soccerette is 'full of herself', but instead saying that she thought she was very bonny (and she was).

The TV stayed tuned into Sky Sports 1 for the Arsenal v. Blackburn English FA Cup semi-final. The game was rubbish, but the result was good (3-0 to the Gooners). No sooner had that game finished than it was time to head over to the PC and tune into Sportsound for the Celtic v. Aberdeen game. Being only two points ahead of R*****s, and with the final Old Firm game being at Ibrox next Sunday, Celtic can't afford to go dropping points at home to anyone, so imagine my reaction when Celtic conceded two goals in the first 14 minutes - and to Aberdeen too - a team that have already beaten us at home this season - and just two weeks after Hearts beat us at home! My misery was relatively short lived, as Celtic pulled one back before half-time, then scored another two in the second-half. So we are still on course for the title, which will almost certainly be ours should Dunfermline get a result tomorrow (although I won't hold my breath for that one - plastic pitch or no plastic pitch).

The remainder of the afternoon was spent working whilst listening to the radio phone-in show, which is always good for a laugh as fans - many of whom have had a wee swally before calling - make generally incoherent comments to a less than respectful presenter.

I heard that the replacement Dr Who had been chosen and is a relatively unknown Scots actor (so that rules out Sean Connery, Euan McGregor and Robert Carlisle, then). The new series continues to disappoint... still waiting for the Doctor's only worthy opponents: Daleks and Cybermen. Instead, what we got today was a pig in a space suit, and some green Halloween masks in human suits. One good thing about tonight's episode: Tony Blair had been replaced as PM by an alien. A case of art imitating life, perhaps. The BBC had better watch out: it can't go replacing Our Tone with green aliens and hope to keep its licence fee. There are limits, you know. These lillies kind of remind me of triffids - perhaps that will be one of the good Doctor's next opponents.


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