Carnation Street

And so the flower theme continues in the run up to the end of this PaD. You can't say that I didn't warn you that this was going to happen. I distinctly remember telling you to expect a lot of flower photos now that the house is like a florist's following Linda's birthday last week. Liam went back to school this morning. There was no spring in his step as he walked out the door with Linda.

I got the place to myself! Continued with my work, and kept on thinking that I ought to send out my invoices (nearly three weeks late....eeek!) and telephone the surveyor about the driveway that is supposed to be getting put in this side of the decade. I must remember to do these things tomorrow - I'd put a knot in my handkerchief, but these paper tissues just tear.

It started raining very heavily yesterday afternoon, just about 30 minutes after Linda had put a washing out to dry. It rained all night, and continued for most of the day. I sat at my computer all morning listening the the rain on the window and couldn't for the life of me shake the vague thought niggling inside my head that I was supposed to do something. About 4.30 I brought the sodden washing from the line in and put it all in the washing machine, then went upstairs where, despite my current disability, struggled up a set of stepladders to change two of the bathroom spotlight bulbs.

Liam came home looking like a drowned rat. He walks home from school with an open coat, regardless of the weather. His coat has a hood, but Liam won't use it. One very wet schoolboy needed some soup. However, he has it in his head that he is putting on weight, and despite our attempts to reassure him that this is normal for a boy of his age. and that he is not overweight, he eats like a sparrow with the odd trip to crisp- and Bounty-ville. By eating the soup, his appetite for supper was gone, so we ended up eating at Portuguese and Spanish dinner-time - 9pm! I was so hungry I could have eaten a scabby dog.

I had a hard time picking today's pad from the list of contenders. In the end I adopted the scientific method, commonly known as eeny-meeny-miney-mo. So here you have it. Now go and enjoy it.


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