Handsome dude!

You may or may not believe this, but some people think that I am quite taciturn. These people think that I am not a great one for conversation. I must admit that I am not a great one for small talk, and I am hopeless at networking. I have a small group of friends and colleagues, and they are more than enough for me, because I actually enjoy my own company and soon get tired of the often false camaraderie that comes of social situations.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, Linda tells me that I have hardly grunted two words in her direction since she came home from work, and Liam thinks that I am being very grumpy just now. Do you know what? I am grumpy, because I am sick and tired of not being able to walk upright without a crutch, and without being in pain all the time. Anyone would be bloody grumpy!

Just off the phone with my best client and mentor. It's fun talking Portuguese on the phone - especially when you're getting paid for it. He thanked me for getting the book finished on time, despite only receiving the final chapter this morning, and for writing all of the abstracts. He has more work for me to do, and he wants me to send him an invoice pronto.

Anyway, since I am being told that I am a man of very few words - most of which are ill-chosen - I will shut up now and leave you with a picture of me from more carefree times. Tomorrow I am going to get out of the house and take photos of flowers (and buy Linda a birthday present). See you then. Oh, BTW Scottish padders: I managed to get the forum up and running on my CPHRC site. Come away in and join us for a blether about the forthcoming Perth meet.


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