I crawled on all fours on the ground

When, lo! I saw a host of golden daffodils. Or something like that - never was a big Wordsworth fan. Much prefer Shelley - if only because he was part of the family that produced Frankenstein and Discourse on Political Inequality (as well as Caleb Williams).

Since I didn't make it to the Post Office this morning (it closes at 12.30pm on Saturdays), and that since I still have Wiggy, and that since both Linda and Liam have agreed to pose wearing it (fully clothed, I hasten to add), I thought that I would use that as my daily photo. I never got round to taking it, though, since I am too depressed about today's football result to even think about pink wigs. Then, as is the way of things, I got caught up in other activities. Like watching the second episode of Dr Who (the series had better improve very soon - bring on the Daleks and Cybermen), and trying (unsuccessfully) to stay awake during BBC4's live broadcast of the Quatermass Experiment (I blame the fresh air for making me tired).

While I was pretending to be awake - in an unsuccessful attempt to foil Liam's efforts to watch Terminator 2 (I actually did fall asleep) - Linda came in to break the long expected news that the Pope had died. Whilst I respect the fact that his death is a sad event for the Catholic world, I was not really in the mood to watch all the obituary TV programmes that were swamping the schedules, and which Linda wanted to watch. Anyway, I was depressed enough with Celtic losing at home to Hearts, thus virtually handing the championship to R*****s (unless Motherwell can win tomorrow - but I think there is more chance of me winning the lottery, and I didn't buy a ticket).

I sold an old and unplayed CD on Ebay yesterday (I won't tell you what CD - it's too embarrassing). It had been sitting at the bottom of my CD pile for years, so I decided to get rid of it. I described it as being used but in excellent condition (which it was for something 10 years old - with some superficial surface scratches). The person who bought it paid the whopping sum of 50p for it yesterday. I posted it to him last night and he received it this morning, then immediately sent me an email complaining that it was not pristine and that I had sent it in a recycled padded envelope, and that he was no longer wanted it! I didn't imagine that there really were people out there who are so anal. I mean - what does he expect for 50p! - after the listing fees and paypal charges, it actually cost me money to sell it to him!

I bought 1Gb of webspace with PHP and MySQL on it, and spent the past three hours trying, unsuccessfully, to get a PHP gallery up and running to link to my CPHRC site. I don't understand why they make these things so complicated. I finally gave up and almost threw my crutch through the monitor in frustration. I also need to clean my camera's sensor, and I don't know where to start. Jessops advised sending it away to be cleaned professionally - but I've only had the thing for three weeks, and can't afford to be sending it away once a month to be cleaned - surely they can come up with a better system than this! Gavin told me that he uses the low-tack Scotch tape method - but I'm too scared to try that (I'm just a coward).

Still. At least the sun shone today, and it was lovely and warm. So it wasn't all bad.


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