Makes you pure dead cluver, man

The pink wig gets a reprise. A final bow while I demonstrate my extreme laziness by using the Fuji on automatic! Even on the Fuji the wig doesn't look pink - and only a great deal of Photoshop 'tittivating' will ever make it look that colour. It is magenta. Then again... I may be colourblind - that would certainly explain some of the decoration in this house! I couldn't send Wiggy off to the capital on Saturday because I was too lazy to go to the Post Office before it closed at lunchtime - well, I just had to watch Soccer AM, it's part of my routine, and I like my routine. Yesterday was Sunday, so the Post Office was closed anyway. Today was the holiday that we in Dundee never got last Monday while the rest of Britain was off.

Because we are getting our Easter holidays a week after Easter has passed, the people who make these decisions dusted down a name for the holiday: the Dundee Fast. I think we were supposed not to eat - but then I didn't find out about it until after I had already eaten, then I just thought in for a penny, in for a pound - so I continued eating.

So, where was I? Oh yes, the Dundee Fast holiday meant that the local Post Office was closed, so I couldn't post Wiggy today either. Doomed to spend yet another day in Dundee, I thought that it would be better to put Wiggy to work. Liam had thought that he had got away with not being photographed wearing it, but I outwitted him. Now his friends will see him - but he's on school holiday for a fortnight (the Dundee Fast Fortnight - if they think I'm going to go a whole two weeks without food, they've got another think coming), so by the time they go back all of his friends will have forgotten about it.

Nevertheless, I may have to throw myself at Jeanne's mercy, and ask if the Wig can come back here after it has finished its globetrotting adventures, because anything that can make Liam pick up a book - especially that book (which got me through the first two years of my politics degree!) - is always going to be welcome in this house. Leg's hurting a bit as a result of yesterday's exertions, and I have been busily trying to catch up with work, so no time for anything more thoughtful.

Sorry, too, about the tardiness of my own comments. I am trying, without much success, to keep up to date with you all.


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