Medicinal Compound

Continuing with the Dr Who theme of extraterrestrial prime ministers, I present you today with the SETI sponsored flower - lilium, better known as the Stargazer Lily. This is yet another of the many flowers that Linda received for her birthday. I don't normally like flowers that are this fussy, but I must admit that they do smell nice.

Liam starts back at school tomorrow following the delayed Easter holidays, so it was a case of getting him new shoes and a haircut (he asked the hairdresser to take about a millimetre off the top, and less off the back and sides). We were going to go to the cafe next door to the barber's for a coffee, but it was full of football players spending their wages (the Dundee and Dundee Utd players go there on a Sunday afternoon when they are not playing), so we decided not to bother. Instead we went for a short walk along the seafront, but it was freezing (typical April weather), so we rushed back to the warmth and comfort of the car.

There was football on the radio, and you all know how much I like my football. As expected, Dunfermline were unable to beat R*****s, so it looks as if next Sunday's Old Firm game will be the title decider. I'll bet you can guess where I'll be then! Three days of padding to go! What will I do to fill the void (apart from work, that is)?


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