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Today was a do nothing sort of day, or at least it was before I got up. Then it transformed itself into a clean the house sort of day. You know, the kind of day when you wish you could afford to pay someone else to clean up behind you. Carting the heavy vacuum cleaner up and down two flights of stairs (and vacuuming them in the process) is not much fun when you have to carry a crutch as well. Add to this the need to vacuum a sofa that seems to be a cat hair magnet, and you have my morning. Mal podia ouvir Soccer AM!

Liam has guests coming round, and Linda had other arrangements - going into town with her mum to see what she might want for her birthday (no doubt a whole new wardrobe, at least two new pairs of shoes and a coat... I, on the other hand, will be getting her a new coffee mug, a CD and a bunch of flowers from myself and Liam). Following this excursion, and while I was dripping in sweat and agony vacuuming the 40 risers that we have between ground level and the second floor of our house, Linda was off to Erin's 5th birthday party to drop of her presents.

Cleaning the dining room, kitchen and downstairs toilet meant that I missed the first half of the Hibs v. Dundee Utd Scottish Cup semi-final. Liam, who had been asked to tidy his own room in preparation for his visitors, had decided that it would be better fun standing under the shower for 40 minutes. Linda came home during the second half of the football, and complained about her morning of shopping and partying.

By the time Liam's friends arrived, I was in real need of the item in this image. Tomorrow, Linda is off to Perth for a meal with her Uni mates. At least I will get peace and quiet to watch the Celtic v. Hearts cup semi-final. No interruptions will be tolerated, for not only did Hearts beat us last week, this game will decide which team gets to beat, sorry, meet, Dundee United in the Cup Final at the end of May!


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