A few days back I said that I was approaching the end of my year's PaD. While this remains true, I am not quite as close to the end as I thought. Somehow I managed to skip nine days - so I have nine days more than I believed I had. I was wondering about that, because I recall starting doing Photo a Day on a rival image hosting site that managed to do something Pbase - despite all its woes around the Christmas and New Year period - hasn't yet managed to do: lose every single picture in every single gallery. Long story short... I moved to Pbase, and took up PaD in all seriousness. While I have counted every day since I started on the other site, I have, in theory, two alternatives. I can recalculate from when I came to Pbase, which would mean that I still have until 12 May, or I can count as I have been - including all the PaD images (they are all here on Pbase now, and have been for some time), which means that I have until 21 April. I guess I'll just see how I feel on 21 April.

I have been working on my CPHRC site today, making up a new series of Working Papers in QuarkExpress from old HTML documents that had been available on the old CPHRC site for free, but which are now only available for purchase. Not as straightforward as it may seem - I mean, making up the Quark files, and creating the PDFs from Quark is a doddle - no, it's not that. The problem is that if you are making something freely available - effectively giving it away - there may be a desire to make sure you get everything right, but the odd error here and there is acceptable. If you charge - even if it is only a token amount (and it is only a token amount), you have to make sure that the document is sound in all of its aspects (layout, grammar, spelling, argument, references, etc). So I have had to go through these old files changing the format and checking the references and, basically, doing for free what I get paid to do. All day, and I only managed to get two papers done - only 40 to go! Methinks that this is going to take a little time.

So what's the connection between that and today's image? There is none. If you look closely at the image above, you will see that none of the plugs is connected. That was a pretty awful pun. Maybe I will stop this on 21 April afterall!


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